International Chapter

Back in 2004, some members of FAMAB who were already strongly active at an international
level set up the International Chapter with the aim of exchanging information on international developments and experiences. The group meanwhile has 40 members who meet twice a year.

The International Chapter had the idea of developing an international network and
collaborating more closely with the international IFES (International Federation of Exhibition
and Event Services).

Partnership with the IFES

A fruitful partnership evolved: All members of the International Chapter are also automatically
full members of the IFES enabling them to use the international network for their international
activities. More information on the advantages and benefits of IFES membership is available at

Membership fee

The annual membership fee for the International Chapter is EUR 650.00 (plus VAT) and also
includes the IFES fee. Due to the special agreement between FAMAB and IFES, companies in
Germany can only become members of the IFES through FAMAB and the International

International partners

Are you looking for a German partner in a certain region of the world? Members of the
International Chapter operate in the following areas around the world:

  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Russia
  • Middle East
  • Far East
  • North America, Canada
  • Central & South America
  • Africa
  • Australia

This is best managed via the member search agent with priority countries and can be dispensed with here.